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3C Toolbox Pro Apk

3C Toolbox Pro – Android app collection is a great tool with over a hundred utility!
Score 4.8 from 5.0 and 6.79 in Google Play and free SOFDL price!

3C Toolbox Pro is the most comprehensive, most complete and most powerful tools available for devices running Android in the studio 3c a price of $ 6.79 at Google Play and is supplied with thousands of the best Android devices is shopping! By installing this application on your device, you can control the tools of battery widget, optimization, monitoring, backup, file manager, file editor, amplifiers, etc. together and have a small app. If you are looking for the most complete and best collection tool for your Android device does a fantastic app 3C Toolbox Pro miss because you will arouse amazement and install some programs that will work on your phone is installed to remove!

3C Toolbox Pro Apk

Some of the features and functionality 3C Toolbox Pro Android apps:

* Create a backup of data and applications automatically and manually
* possibility to remove applications installed by default on your phone for mass and individual
* View and evaluate the usage of CPU, network and memory
* Close programs that a large amount of CPU and RAM use
* the possibility of restarting the phone and APN
* Reading Log cat smartphones Jelly Bean
* Manage the programs that run when you turn on the phone (START UP)
* Having a text widget Different sizes for program management capabilities
* battery information display, processor, memory and temperature in the status bar
* Having the Task Cleaner Memory Booster and
optimized applications and database
editor and Build sysctl . prop in the ground state Advanced
* Setting priority access point
* DALVIK easy clearing the cache and cache
* Find fast applications draining your battery
and memory card * Move apps or vice versa
* Ability to copy, paste, delete, move, and extract the files for mass and individual
* Change the permissions on files and folders + dozens of other characteristics

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3C Toolbox Pro Apk


App 3C Toolbox Pro Despite being greeted with a great deal of money has 4.8 points from 5.0 is that we SOFDL monetary latest version for free and with direct links to you so that you can download it with one click.