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6180 the moon 1.0.0 Full paid Apk Android

6180 the moon full apk

6180 the moon 1.0.0 Full – Android android moonlight arcade puzzle
The price is $ 1.99 and the full 5 out of 5 in Google’s great market
Tested with offline run

6180 The moon is a new, fun and addictive arcade-platform game from the Turtle Cream studio for Android tablets and handsets, priced at $ 1.99 , and it’s always decided to make it for the first time . Celebrate the presence of your special gaming lovers and rejoice in your appeal! The game 6180 The Moon is one of the most unique mechanical games! The sun disappears and you play the role of the moon and you must try to reach the goal! The moon moves out of both sides of the screen and controls it with one touch, but you must spot the exact jump and landing! The moon is like a round ball on the screen and you have to move to the left and move to the right to finally reach the main destination and go to the next level! On the way, you will encounter a wide range of obstacles and challenges, including the winner’s blades, which you must pass safely! If you are an enthusiast of games that can hit your device in an environment free of violence for hours, then 6180 the Moon is undoubtedly the best choice to choose from.

6180 the moon full apk

The 6180 the moon is currently in full 5 out of 5 in the Play store , which we bought in SOFDL , the first version, and downloaded it fully to download, which was first able to view the images of its gameplay and eventually if they wished Download the one-click downloaded speed servers; as with other games on the site, the game 6180 the moon has been tested by us and executed on-the-fly without the need for the Internet.


6180 the moon full apk 6180 the moon full apk 6180 the moon full apk 6180 the moon full apk

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6180 the moon 1.0.0 Full Apk


V1.0.0 version changes:

* First release release on Google Play.

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