AndroHelm AntiVirus v2.5.4 Full Version Patched Apk

AndroHelm AntiVirus All Devices- powerful antivirus and unparalleled “AndroHelm AntiVirus” Android
Premium, Premium and PRO at a price of $ 120 on Google Play

AndroHelm AntiVirus is a powerful anti-virus and security software with a user-friendly interface is very beautiful and wonderful of programming tools AndroHelm Antivirus for OS Android is that Google put up for sale at a price of $ 120 and the is the best antivirus software available! Do you like the most complete antivirus applications with unique tools and excellent on the phone or tablet Android to bring their !? Do you like a set of advanced features for the full operation of the mobile phone to have in your possession? We offer you the application AntiVirus for Android is! Pro Antivirus Professional AndroHelm AntiVirus with more than twenty of the most complete and the most professional and advanced virus detection programs and increase device performance will bring for you!

Some of the features and facilities AndroHelm AntiVirus Android apps:

* Play a sound notification for any harmful programs and viruses that are detected

* Anti-Spam to block incoming and outgoing calls and SMS

* Ability to put the contact numbers on the black list (blacklist) by the user

* Ability to block or lock the phone with a password apps and games

* Task Killer has powerful function to close the battery-draining apps running

* Having the powerful functions of traffic monitoring, backup, performance information , Cache Cleaner, program management, security advice, remote lock and unlock the phone, siren alarm and …

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AndroHelm AntiVirus Full Apk


AndroHelm AntiVirus app now in the Android Market Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 is that we are in SOFDL it for the first time and we hope to provide you with the Handstand occur. You can make copies and pay money to get the antivirus for your Android device!

Additional explanations program AntiVirus Android:

Believe it or not the new name AndroHelm AntiVirus AntiVirus Android apps in the Play Store for $ 120 and has sold more than 500 times and downloaded by Android users around the world now is a paid version and a hundred dollars for the download !