Animatronic Horror Doors v1.4 + Mod (Unlocked open all steps)

Animatronic Horror Doors Mod

Animatronic Horror Doors v1.4 + Mod – Adventure Games – Scary Android Animatronic Horror Doors Mod
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Animatronic Horror Doors is a new, fun and popular game with more than 500,000 downloads from Google Play, in the adventure style for Android released by the NSP Apps Play Studio for free on Google Play and we’ve always decided for the first time. In Iran , introduce it to you and rejoice! The story of the game is about escaping from the room so that you have to use a special trick to get out of each room! Animator dolls, various rooms, exciting soundtracks and amazing animatronic games Horror Doors have all come together so you can enjoy adventure games in an exciting environment for hours! To open each one, you have to use special items in the room, for example, in the first step, with an existing hammer, you should eat the door to escape from the room! If you’re an enthusiast and a fan of Android games and adventure games that can cling to your phone for hours and fill your free time in a very exciting environment, you’ll surely enjoy the awesome and popular Animatronic Horror Doors game with its addictive gameplay. Attracts!

Animatronic Horror Doors Mod

The Animatronic Horror Doors game is now in 4.0 4.0 from the PlayStation 4.0 , which we have released on the fly with the mods for download, and are able to first view the gameplay images and eventually if you would like to see it with a Download the clicks from the high-speed servers on SOFDL ! Like other games on the site, Animatronic Horror Doors are also tested by us and run offline and without the need for the Internet.


Animatronic Horror Doors Mod Animatronic Horror Doors Mod Animatronic Horror Doors Mod Animatronic Horror Doors Mod

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Animatronic Horror Doors v1.4 Apk


Animatronic Horror Doors v1.4 Mod Apk


V1.4 version changes:

* Various optimizations and game fixes.

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