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Avoid It Full – new adventure game and avoid its popular Android 
$ 2.99 4.1 points from 5.0 in large supermarkets Google
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Avoid It – avoid it new and fun game in the genre of adventure games from the studio Studio RO for devices with Android is that Google goes on sale for $ 2.99 in supermarkets and up to this moment a thousand times by Android users +5 purchased around the world. If the game is published by the manufacturer on Google Play: “There is no safety at any stage of the game can only be a very beautiful and daring maneuvers have to be the end of the next step and successfully challenge for achieve more! The game has different kinds of challenges and traps that will undoubtedly surprise you, and of course they will be a real challenge! “You must help the main character of the game, the last survivor of his clan Meet Zero by Beast horrible been captured save the lives of many risks during the adventure threatens Meet Zero and the only way to combat the dangers, even a wrong note played will determine the unhappy ending to Meet Zero after very carefully do! If you like a new game experience with a certain lightness Avoid It can make you entertained for a few hours.

Avoid It

Some of the features Android Game Avoid It:

Challenge yourself in 30 different stages
BAD ASS final title at the end of each stage
There are various traps and deadly missions
Highly accurate touch controls to guide the character
Korean Agency wonderful sound of the instruments and African rhythms
Amazing design with unparalleled graphics

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Avoid It Full Apk


Play Avoid It now Play Store Rated 4.1 out of 5.0 that we SOFDL the latest version of its full monetary and put at your disposal for free games we tested on the LG G3 Android 5 and runs completely offline.

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