Adventure Arcade Evolution v3.15.1 + Mod (Unlimited DNA + No Ads) Evolution v3.15.1 + Mod – A popular Android-style action-adventure game trailer
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Unlimited DNA + No Ads)
Tested with Runtime Evolution – The evolution of the new and exciting game of action gaming from Akadem’s studio for Android tablets and tablets , which has been released for free on Google Play and has grown to over 1 million times by today’s Android users. The world has been downloaded and is one of the most popular. As always, we have decided to introduce it to your lovers of action games for the first time and to rejoice in it again! We make the general story of the game in the following way from the constructive language: “Scientists were creating a particular bacteria that, after the creation, began eating other bacteria and became an invincible bacterium! Now you have to take on the role of a small bacteria to battle this great bacteria and destroy its small pieces one after the other! “Control of a bacterium in the game Evolution is in your hands, with the joystick on the left You can move the screen in different directions and aim at the right side of the screen to open the shooting span to enemies that are other bacteria and destroy them one after the other! There is a wide range of booster boosters around that you can collect them one after the other and increase your power! If you’re an entertainer for action games , do not miss Evolution!

We have released the Evolution game today, with the mods release for download, which you can first view the images and the trailer of the gameplay and finally download it with one click from the high-speed servers! Truly … The Evolution game has been tested by us as well as other games on the site and has been run offline and without the need for the Internet!


Free Download Link Evolution v3.15.1 Apk

Download Evolution v3.13.0 Mod Apk


V3.15.1 version changes:

* There are no changes to this version in Google Play.

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