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Beat Stomper v1 + Mod – arcade game interesting and different rhythmic jumps Android 
The regular version + mode version with the features listed individually
The game runs offline 

Beat Stomper – jump rhythmic new game, popular and different style arcade games from Game Studios Rocky Hong for Android is free in the Google Play published and has now more than 50 million times by Android users around the globe and have excellent score of 5.0 Business 4.7, and as one of the best games available on Google play is selected! Rocky Hong mechanisms of gameplay are very simple; the only thing you have to do is click on the smartphone screen with one finger! Beat Stomper tells the story of a character who wants to jump to reach the highest possible point, here the player has found its role and with the touch of your smartphone will rush to his aid! Studio to charm his game several elements to the gameplay, adding that one of them can be called “speed” we. Beat Stomper has not and never aggressive because they can put on a slow moving objects, each moment may taste the taste of defeat. While these elements has led to increased gaming excitement, the high speed challenge made objects Rocky Hong flavor do not lose your sense? If you lovers of games Orchid you propose to Beat Stomper do not miss!

Because they must coordinate the timing of skipping characters with fast-moving objects, and it loses its charm Beat Stomper nature; Rocky Hong cleverly managed to make this feature might win. If you have a touch screen smartphone, the main character jumps and jump Repeat if he will come down quickly! Despite the excitement and simplicity of the gameplay mechanisms Beat Stomper biggest appeal of this as the audio-visual sector returns. Let us note here to say that we matter how much praise from music and graphics can not pay back the actual feeling when you tell Rocky Hong experience we made. Playing eight different parts and you’re depending on the records that you can listen to them! Ironically, the same is not any music. Beat Stomper to appeal the two did not stop and Rocky Hong gone several steps beyond is when you decide to jump environment will be different. This work will continue until the end of time and depending on the region where you can see the new color filters. So do not worry about fatigue or repeat your experience! You are the first screenshots and trailer of gameplay is able to see and feel it with the first mode of high-speed servers SOFDL download.


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Changes in version v1:

* First release on Google Play.