Brothers: a Tale of two Sons v1.0.0 All GPU Apk + Data Download

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Full – adventure game and an extraordinary feat for Android 
Price $ 2.45, and 4.8 points from 5.0 in large supermarkets Google
Tested by performing a full offline
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Brothers: a Tale of two Sons  a fantastic new game in the genre of adventure games from a505 Games Srl for Android is that a few minutes ago we saw it in the Play Store at a price of $ 2.45 was put up for sale and, as always, decided for the first time in Iran to introduce specific Android game lovers of you! Just as the name suggests, the game tells the story of two brothers who have nothing but each other and ailing father, not anyone else! Disease makes up the brothers’ father, to get needed medicine for their father, their legs long and dangerous journey! It is true that a goal that is intended to play a bit clichéd. But whatever you go in the game, with fresh and engaging elements in the story that narrates the encounter makes it less repetitive and stereotyped outside makes! Any two characters in the game can take control of their hands, but no other information is available about them with each other. Because these two characters and any other characters that are in the game, the sounds they use to communicate unknown and almost no dialogue between characters can not be exchanged!

Brothers a Tale of two Sons

The story of the game Brothers: a Tale of two Sons awesome and the gameplay is varied and at any moment, is experiencing a new element. Gameplay Designer also have a different structure to control the character using that in itself is unique and different from other games! If this experience as a controller to pay, you have to control the big brother to younger brother from the left side of the controller, use the other side. But the point of engaging gameplay are included in the same field, you have to control both characters at the same time have, in most cases, to solve different puzzles and mysteries, you should use the cooperation of two brothers and remove obstacles facing them! One of the other notable gameplay, the age difference between the two brothers included, older brother of physical strength than his brother enjoys. He can move his heavy obstacles or sometimes younger brother to climb the high rock, help. But younger brothers, lighter and smaller. Can be inserted into the smallest places, their place or even, if necessary, put your feet on the shoulders of his elder brother and the highest points of access. In a lot of puzzles, you have the unique physical properties one of the two brothers, so that you can use to solve problems one step closer to their goal!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a work of art and music and graphics, it also should not be underestimated. Theme music playing softly and Dell have settled. So the settlement that might encourage you to download parts. But it is also excellent graphics and detailed design. Beautiful landscape, green environment and amazing, well managed environment in which the story is told to illustrate. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons of those games that within a very short time can make catches your eye and the author, a title that every gamer, at least for a time that, should sit to experience it! Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons title was acclaimed in 2013 for the previous generation consoles and PC was released. But if you have not ever experienced this unique title, you can download the Android version of SOFDL , it is fun enough to win a fantastic experience. This play by SOFDL for the first time released for Android devices.


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Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Adreno Apk


Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Adreno Data



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Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Mail Data



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Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Tegra Data


Installation instructions and execution of the game Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Android:

– First, download and install the apk file for your device GPU.

– Data files according to the GPU device, download and decompress it. Com.and folder . Games505.brothers in the path of Android / obb copy.

– Finally, run the game and enjoy.


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