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Chain Dungeons v4.6.0 + Mod (Immortal High Damage)

Chain Dungeons v4.6.0 + Mod – The most popular Android hacking Android 
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Features listed) individually
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Chain Dungeons – A popular and entertaining arcade game in the style of puzzle games – The Quest Drop studio for Android devices is released for free on Google Play and to this day more than 1,000,000 times by Android users around the world. Received and is one of the most popular. Dear users, we decided to introduce our newest version to you and rejoice at your request! In the game Chain Dungeons you are going to battle with monsters and dragons! Your battles are made by touching the screen so that, like puzzle games, you need to connect the same squares of the same color through a chain and move upwards! There is a possibility to enter the game using both the guest and the Facebook methods, which you can select from among them and enter the main environment and then create a powerful team of heroes to overcome the enemies and get to the monsters! Each floor of the Chain Dungeons game has several special missions that you can do one after the other and work for hours. Do not miss the Chain Dungeons if you’re a puzzle enthusiast.

Chain Dungeons is currently rated 4.1 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation, and we have released the latest and latest versions of it, along with the mods for download, which are able to first view the images and trailer of its gameplay and eventually if they wish Download it with one click from the high-speed servers! The general features of the Chain Dungeons game include the presence of over 1,000 monsters to stop you; collecting items and equipment; multiplayer play with up to 4 friends; good design and addictive gameplay. Cited.


Additional notes:

# The Chain Dungeons game is online and online, and it always requires internet to play
# # In the initial run, the extra data, which is about 30MB in size, is downloaded at you enter the game.

Free Download Link

Chain Dungeons v4.6.0 Apk


Chain Dungeons v4.6.0 Mod Apk


** Install and run the original version, and after completing the tutorial and several steps, install the mod.

V4.6.0 version changes:

* Added new features + various optimizations.