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Dark Sword v2.1.0 + Mod – Super cute and unique Dark Sword Android
The regular version + mode version (Gold / Souls / Stamina) separately
Tested on Android 5 with a run offline
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Dark Sword – eternal darkness and unique new game in the genre of action role-playing games from the studio NANOO COMPANY platformer for Android is available for free in the Android Market and up to this moment more than 5 million times by Android users around the world has been received and is the most popular Android games! Dark Sword is a role-playing game with Hack N Slash themes for Android devices that dark and black theme, plans to accompany you on your amazing journey! Entering the game overall functionality it for you displayed and the background of the story will be explained to you! But what Dark Sword of other titles distinctive style and playable as it makes? On reaching the main menu and start playing faced with a large number of steps, number of steps reached more than 100, and each step is done in a particular location; it’s about the obsession with manufacturers to eliminate the monotony in the game it shows! If you are interested in action games sword with a black mood and 2D are undoubtedly play the Dark Sword best option would be and where the special offer is SOFDL you will be satisfied!

Dark Sword

At the end of each stage of the game Dark Sword of performance that have stars you are awarded money and items. Also, after a few missions, to play bass seemed to have a nice variety. Each bus to their way of attack and you have to attack him back together and hitting the fast Kmbvhay of the items that you are awarded in Vryd.ama What is it? These items can be swords, armor or rings and chains is. Armor diversity and each includes feature a variety of games are good. You can spend your coins to upgrade your Rmvrhay and more power to fight the enemies pay! Apart from the storyline to play another part called Infinity Tower is also available. By entering this section deal with the enemies in each wave and at the end you are awarded some Soul or Spirit. This soul to buy a used game store and you can use it.


Changes in version v2.1.0:

* Added new features + Various optimizations and game fixes.

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Dark Sword v2.1.0 Apk


Dark Sword v2.1.0 Mod Apk


Dark Sword certainly a role-playing basic steps can keep you entertained for hours and with the numerous challenges facing! Play now Play Store Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 that we SOFDL it with our mode version for free at your disposal, you can see the first screenshots of the game and feel free to download it for free photos.