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Day R Survival Premium v1.471 Full and Premium versions Apk

Day R Survival Premium v1.471 – Full and Premium versions of popular games and awesome day survival Android 
$ 4.99 and 4.8 points from 5.0 in large supermarkets Google
A test run completely offline

Day R Survival Premium new game, very cute and fun style games, role-playing and survival Game Studios tlt Games for Android is $ 4.99 at the supermarket giant Google has published more than a hundred thousand times by Android users around the world been purchased, and the most popular and best-selling role playing games category is! In this game you have in the post-war period, started a war between the superpowers and the world to the brink of nuclear bombs and radioactive rays have destroyed many of the creatures turned into monsters! You also get your country like a desert, abandoned without food and water will see that a lot of humans and animals resulting from exposure, starvation and disease kill most of all the dead animals to encounter, both now you can join their allies and the surviving maps and weapons of war for survival against unknown creatures try! Survival games than games that have been released are different and where you need to find objects and items to survive try and stay engaged for hours! If you are interested in games “survival” are undoubtedly Day R Survival Premium Android you will win!

Game Day R Survival Premium Play Store now has 4.8 points from the 5.0 that we SOFDL version Premium and bought it before you have introduced special games lovers! General features of the game can be such things as the use of medical devices for the treatment of diseases, the use of weapons for Mfavmt against enemies, using maps to find direction and purpose, the ability to play both online and offline, the use of machines and vehicles for the movement of ammunition, send packets to people, excellent design with HD graphics, exciting sound and overall excellent build noted her! You can click one of the servers, high-speed version of the game on your Android phone or tablet and download it.


Notable Friends: Play Day R Survival in two versions, free and paid Google Play is available so that after spending a few steps from the regular version, Buying games can and can not make it to the end of the advance, but as usual We purchased the Premium version of the game is to you have to complete before the end can play fun!

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Day R Survival Premium v1.471 Apk


Changes in version v1.471:

* Various optimizations and fixes problems with the game.