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Dokuro Full – popular action game “save the princess” Android 
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Dokuro super-cute new game under the title “save the princess” in the style of action-Pltfrmz the studio GungHoOn line Entertainment Games for Android is $ 0.99 in the Play Store has been released and until this moment more than 500 Hararite times by users Android downloads worldwide and the most popular is his style games! In this two-dimensional game, you must save the princess from the enemies, you play the role of skeletal muscle that works for the ruler of darkness, but decides to get rid of this humiliating situation and save the princess from the evil creatures make her a hero and a real man! All of these events occurs once the ruler of darkness, forced to marry her princess, and the princess flees the moment, but it alone can not miss places scary creatures of thousands to flee and the why, on the in-game Dokuro all hope is to Princess to destroy obstacles and enemies are in your way, to save him now!


At the beginning of the game Dokuro a skeleton without coverage, but over time you will become a real man and young boy, and the progress after each stage you will see clearly! At each stage of Dokuro must also ahead of the princess to get up and when you and your hand to shield him no damage, does not, in fact overcome the problems and what you have, you have the skeleton of the become out! Android game Dokuro much success in games won and due to this feature, the version of the game for the handheld console PS Vita is released for the console Play Station 4 would be released soon! Although the game’s graphics, but the gameplay is the usual admirably equipped and genius for making it work is gone! Despite good money selling games and could also earn a good rating so that now in the Play Store Rated 4.4 out of 5.0, and we SOFDL paid version and purchased it for download and we can do it download photos with one click.

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