Downwell v1.0.72 Full Version Paid Game Apk

Downwell v1.0.72 Full – Action games addictive and incredibly down well to Android!
$ 3 price points and 4.8 from 5.0 at Google Play, free for you to
introduce a version of Android for the first time

Downwell addictive and popular game “down hole” in the style of action-adventure game from the studio that first DevolverDigital for IOS and PC, and finally after a long experience offering latest version of Android at Google were those with Price 3.00 The dollar was introduced and again as always decided for the first time in it before you introduce users with devices running Android. In this game these days gamers could become addicted inescapable himself, you have only one way to go: down! The main character in a pleasing night and moonlight on the bench under the tree and smiling, but when he lost control, you will not find a way to continue this silence! Or should he stare into the face of stress or need for engine start, the challenge and excitement of playing him a well in the corner, and make sure to play into the underground world! Style platform game in which you have to collect diamonds and get yourself entertained for hours!


Game Downwell based on speed operation designed player and a player can succeed where precision is very high! Obstacles like giant stones and white, will be a way to eliminate these obstacles can wear shoes that you like, help! In addition, the way are enemies, traps also played by the system automatically arise and should be on all Sytan not caught in this trap dangerous to health are not compromised so white white person! The gameplay of this game at the height of simplicity, no matter how many hardships and live in the dungeon, a little more speed and more! In Downwell only three buttons, you control the character. Left, right and press Gun Boots, Buttons that are generally available to the player. Gun Boots Mkhsvsyst the weapon is on your shoes and can be less than a second, to destroy several enemy. It depends on how quickly you use it. If you want to play Downwell describe at a glance, we can say that in itself, is considered a masterpiece in every sense!

Some of the features Downwell addictive action game for Android:

Different modes to play
Sound incredibly diverse music player
Unique design with addictive gameplay

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Downwell v1.0.72 Apk


Changes in version V1.0.72:

* Fixed a graphics bug, build and play.

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