ElectroDroid Pro v4.1 Patched Apk Full Working

By | 07/10/2015

ElectroDroid Pro v4.1 Patched – practical application of electronic devices Android
PRO version and paid $ 2.99 at Google Play without a license error!
Special offer to all students in electronics

ElectroDroid Pro version Premium monetary and popular applications and applications for smart Tetrahedral studio Iero operating system Android , which Google debuted at $ 2.99 and up to this moment more than 100 million times by Android users all over the world and the TOP program is Google Tools category. If the students, engineers and even electronics repairmen are just fantastic application without waste of time because all the tools you need to download ElectroDroid Pro in a simple and elegant environment provides! Ohm’s Law of computing tools, frequency, voltage divider, calculating the battery life, various calculators and for a collection program were Alktrvdrvyd you can enjoy free from all of them. Overall ElectroDroid Pro series of electronic professional tools in place and we are only a few of the features that you have mentioned.

ElectroDroid Pro Apk

Some of the features and functionality of ElectroDroid Pro Android:

* Display different color codes resistors

* Ohm’s Law calculator

* Calculator calculates battery life

* Calculator calculates the voltage drop

* Calculator calculates simple filters

* Calculator calculates LED Mfavmt

* Calculator calculates PCB Trace W i Dth

* Precise calculation of heat dissipation in circuits

* Conversion Tools RMS, Decibel, Frequency, etc.

* Professional design tools predecessor

* Split table radio wave

* Other instruments compute the load capacitors

* Dozens of professional tools and other applications

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ElectroDroid Pro v4.1 Patched Apk


ElectroDroid Pro app in the Play Store now rated 4.9 out of 5.0 that we SOFDL newest and the latest version will be available for free for the first time and we can go to read it with one click to get supplier.

Note that: ElectroDroid Pro Pro version has an added feature than the free version and there is no advertising!

Changes in version v4.1.0:

* Added a dozen new features

* Bug fixes and optimizations