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Enemy Waters v1.0.53 + Mod (Unlimited Money) Android Game

Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles v1.0.53 + Mod – Battle Submarine Game Android 
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Unlimited Money) individually
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Enemy Waters: The Submarine and Warship Battles is a new and exciting game in the simulation and action style of the TeaPOT Games for Android devices , which will install the game on your Android device, mouse and cats between warships and submarines. ! Put your submarine in the enemy’s battle line and send it to the bottom of the sea by throwing a torpedo! You have a fleet of warships and submarines, and you must conquer ports and oil wells by defeating piracy warships called John Kuchike. Expand your influence in the oceans and stand by building the finest fighting of the warships and submarines against the little warships that are still being added! For a little traffick, sit down at her knees and eventually kill her! Be sure that he will do the same to you; so it’s better to escort any ship carrying your cargo with a few ships and submarines! Unfortunately, the little John uses the submarine, and you can use the audio signals to know about them! Try to destroy them with bombs and mines before they can take off and throw torpedoes! When you move with submarines, you can secretly cross the shorelines of the warships and continue your journey, or go to the port of destination and then launch it into a torpedo ship. If the enemy ship throws a bomb to you, you can go deeper with your submarine and stay safe from the danger of the bomb! Enemy Waters ships and submarines: Submarine and Warship battles all built from their original model in World War II, the Cold War and the present era! Do not miss out on Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles if you’re an entertainer.

Enemy Waters mod

The Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles are currently in good quality Play store 4.4 of 5.0 which we have released on the SOFDL latest and most recent versions with the mods for download, which can first view the images and trailer of its gameplay. And finally, if you would like to download it one click from the high-speed web site for your tablet or Android phone!


Enemy Waters mod Enemy Waters mod Enemy Waters mod Enemy Waters mod

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V1.0.53 version changes:

* New features + Various optimizations.