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Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.3.00 Mod Apk For Android

Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.3.00 + Mod – The Battlefield 2 Simulator Android
Regular Edition + Mods Edition (Unlimited Money) individually
Ability to play both online and offline

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is a popular and entertaining strategy and simulation game from Rappid Studios for Android , which has been released for free on Google Play and has been around 1 million times since today by Android users around the world. The world got it and got a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 , and we’re asking you, dear ones, to introduce it to you and rejoice! Install the fun Epic Battle Simulator 2 game on your Android device; choose your war units; give them a military arrangement; identify your tactics; then step on the battlefield and get ahead of each opponent! You can compete with both Artificial Intelligence and online users from around the world! The algorithms in this part of the game have been remarkably improved for the sake of improvement, and they will find something that is in any sense your own size and size; besides, the graphics and artificial intelligence of the game have also improved and in this part of the game You will be more pleased with your battles! If you’re a fan of Android strategy and strategy simulations, there’s no doubt Epic Battle Simulator 2 draws your attention.

Introducing Epic Battle Simulator 2 we have introduced today to you with your attendance mode that you can first view the images and the trailer of its gameplay and download it at a quick click away from the high-speed servers. The general features of the game also include the deaths and loss of naturally soldiers; various options for placing soldiers on the battlefield; the ability to upgrade your army to three levels and equip them with advanced equipment and weapons More; an excellent algorithm for online gaming; a ranking mechanism and a high score table; better game play than previous versions; and more interesting battles; more intelligent soldiers and war units; multiple soundtracks; similar Excellent sound and sound effects of the game; Added new soldiers each week once and for all; Kelly noted in his excellent build!

Note: We have the first and second version of the game to download, both of which are the latest version of the game up to this point.


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Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.3.00 Apk


Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.3.30 Mod Apk


V1.3.00 version changes:

* Added 5 new levels + Various optimizations.