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Family’s Game Travel Pack v1.951 Full paid Apk

Family’s Game Travel Pack v1.951 Full – An ancient set of games and nostalgia for Android 
The price is $ 2.13 – the purchase and complete version of your By Dearest SOFDL
Tested by running without problems

Remember the old games of snake and steppe, manche and …? It was as if we were sleeping and still asleep. Suddenly we wake up, in a waking but the world swallows away zombies and action! The old chess was the home of the soil and who knows, maybe he remembered the crying of the good old days in his silence! Those days have passed, and nobody is gathering together, not that it has no physical presence, no! But its whole world is summarized in a few inches of phone and tablet, please repeat each and every question. He wants Faller and what a dangerous world! In the Family’s Game Travel Pack, we have a chance to travel to the past, a past not so long ago with chess, manche, snake, and stairs and doses! Family’s Game Travel Pack contains over 40 traditional and multiplayer games featuring up to six people to entertain! Probably not familiar with many of them, there is an opportunity to discover! Family’s Game Travel Pack A new and wonderful game called ” Traveling to Old Family Games ” from the Soft Motion Labs Studio for Android , which was released on Google Play for $ 2.13, and as always, for the first time, it was introduced by your dear ones. Let’s not miss!

The Family’s Game Travel Pack is available in two free and paid versions. We have introduced it to you in SOFDL for the first time  , and we have provided your purchased version and its money! Our paid version is complete and includes all the games and we will see copies of this money version on sites in the coming days will also introduce their free version! The Family’s Game Travel Pack features include having a simple old-fashioned graphics, featuring over 40 games including Chess, Checkers, Manche, Snake and Walker, Pass, Master Mind, Dose, 40 Thieves, Hockey Aerials, Riverside, Mahjong, Sudoku, Minesweeper, Ludo, Memory, Square Poker, Animal Battles; Ability to play robots, family and online from around the world and in general its extraordinary construction!


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Familys Game Travel Pack v1.951 Apk


V1.951 version changes:

* Added new modes: Bluetooth / WiFi
* Added new games: Bagh Bandi, Crazy Eights and Nain Jaune