Gingerbread Story Deluxe v1.0.4 Full Paid Apk

Gingerbread Story Deluxe v1.0.4 Full – Interesting Gingerbread Android Game
Price $ 2.99 – Introduced for the first time 
Tested with offline run

Gingerbread Story Deluxe is a new and fun puzzle game and matching game from the Realore gaming studio for Android devices , which was released on Google’s great market for $ 2.99 , and as always, we’ve decided to be present for the first time . Introducing our puzzle lovers and rejoice! The story of the game is that the two lovely characters Tommy and Lisa go for a walk in the woods; they encounter a hut that a strange lady was busy with making delicious sweets; she brought these two children into The house invites you to eat delicious sweets, but it turns out that this lady has been a witch! Tommy is being imprisoned by this wizard, and now Lisa needs to carry out various missions to save her brother! The old lady asks Lisa to find the gingerbread man to save her brother’s life! Lisa begins her mission and encounters this man and they are going to defeat this wizard! Now you begin your mission to save your brother’s life, you have to leave hundreds of different and varied levels; the levels in which your task is to put the same sweets together! If you’re a fan of puzzle and matching puzzles that in addition to less than 100 MB in size, with good design and addictive gameplay along with colorful environments, do not miss out on the new Gingerbread Story Deluxe game!

The Gingerbread Story Deluxe game is not for sale and will be the first global user to experience it when downloading it from Farsi! The general features of the game include the collection of all kinds of delicious sweets to achieve the goal; three different and lovely characters that help you achieve the goal; good touch controls for putting together sweets Excellent sound with a colorful and engaging design; superb construction and addictive gameplay. You’ll be able to first see screenshots of the gameplay and download it at a quick click from the high-speed SOFDL servers!


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Gingerbread Story Deluxe v1.0.4 Full Apk


V1.0.4 version changes:

* Publish the first version of the game on Google Play.

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