Grab The Bottle v1.61 Paid Android Game

Grab The Bottle v1.61 Paid – An interesting and specific puzzle game for snapping Android
$ 1.99 and 5 out of 5 in Google Play – for the first time
Tested with Runtime

Grab The Bottle is a new, interesting and diverse game of puzzle and mindset from the Yunkun Network gaming studio for Android tablets and tablets , which was released on Google Play for hours ago and priced at $ 1.99 a second. At the same time as publishing and for the first time, we present it to you as special lovers of the game and bring you joy! The game with the message “Bottom With Extreme Strength!” Is available on Google Play! In Grab The Bottle, you are in control of a powerful arm, it is your job to help with this, to reach the specified bottles! On the way to the bottle, there is a wide range of obstacles and objects that you encounter with them to keep up the path, and this middle should use your best efforts to avoid them and collect bottles Go from step to stage! The Grab The Bottle’s early stages go without challenge, but at the higher stages you will be challenged so that you have to play several times to get ahead and start from the beginning! If you’re an addictive gameplay enthusiast, just do not miss the interesting game Grab The Bottle!

The Grab The Bottle has fewer than 5 sales and has won the full 5 out of 5 , which we bought in Farsi, the first version, and downloaded it fully for download, and are able to first view the images and trailer of its gameplay and Finally, if you would like to download it one click from the high-speed servers! Truly Grab The Bottle has been tested by us as well as other games on the site and has been run offline and without the need for the Internet.


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Grab The Bottle v1.61 Apk


V1.61 version changes:

* Publish the first version of the game on Google Play.

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