Hexasmash Pro v1.03 Full Paid game Apk Download

Hexasmash Pro Full – Hexa pendulum extraordinary puzzle game for Android 
$ 1.99 4.9 points from 5.0 in the Google Market
Testing with Run Away

Hexasmash Pro super-cute new game in the style of puzzle games with unique designs and intellectual error seven dev studio for Android is priced at $ 1.99 an hour ago Google released a large supermarket, as always, we decided to the open- it’s the first time you introduce particular Android game lovers! In the game Hexasmash Pro hundred and eighty different challenging stages and will kill you, the ball and chain attached at the top of the screen you have to touch the screen, moves the pendulum action and then taking the cube place time factor colored hexagonal metal ball thrown to them and they have to strive to make the next steps to climb!

Hexasmash Pro

Some of the features fantastic puzzle game Hexasmash Pro Android:

180 fantastic levels
15+ objects in an environment with realistic physics
Support for 9 languages to choose from
Quick launch button at any stage
+ Easy navigation menu and a nice touch controllers
Unique design with nice graphics and awesome effects

Free Download Link

Hexasmash Pro Apk


Play Hexasmash Pro with more than 500 sales seem able to attract buyers so that now in the Play Store Rated 4.9 out of 5.0! Now we SOFDL latest version of the game for free, we give you the money and bought a copy, and you can see it first screenshots and trailer to download and free to do!

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