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ICEY v1.0 + Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

ICEY v1.0 + Mod – A very exciting and exciting Android platformer game.
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Unlimited Money) individually
Tested with full implementation

ICEY is a new, super cute and exciting arcade and action arcade game from the XD Network Inc’s Play Studio for Android devices , which was released on Google Play for $ 4.99 a while ago, and we decided, as always, at the same time as releasing And for the first time , introduce it to you and bring it to you again! The overall story of ICEY’s game is about discovering the truth, in which you are driving the main characters of the game! The main character, a pretty girl with special skills, appears on the left side of the screen, and his control and guidance are in your hands, move to the left with the left joystick of the screen, and with the touch buttons on the right, Go to enemies, jump and do different things and enjoy the great action game! If you are an enthusiast of action games, platformer and hack and slash, you will undoubtedly be fascinated by the superb ICEY design, and more interestingly, the game, despite its high volume of 370 megabytes, has been supplied as a single installation file, and only by installing You enter the game and experience the ultimate excitement!

ICEY is released at the same time as release by SOFDL and will be downloaded and installed from the first global users who will experience it! Like other games available on the site, our interesting and new ICEY game has been tested on two different phones, running on the Internet without the need for the Internet, just keep in mind that installing the game may take up to 2 minutes. , So be patient!

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ICEY v1.0 Apk


ICEY v1.0 Mod Apk


V1.0 version changes:

* Released first version of the game on Google Play

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