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King of Bikes v1.3 + Mod – bike game interesting and fun Android
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King of Bikes – King Bike new game is incredibly beautiful with great design in the style of games Rsyng and cycling Timuz Games for Android is free in the Google Play published and still, as always, have decided for the first time in Iran it before you introduce cycling enthusiasts games and the regular version and mode, it will make your loved! Style game King of Bikes many other similar titles Mobile seen and different studios, such titles on numerous occasions with a focus on a variety of cars, bicycles, scooters, etc. that were the most popular of them are franchises trial xtreme Cited! Mobile Game King Of Bikes same route engine springboard has repeated so that an as compact and arcades facing the main purpose of categories arcades most of the time, score, record, and enjoy the game. This as well as the exception rather follow the same principles move because if you look at the screenshots of the game look, I realized this will be the fluidity of the gameplay, exciting music and various environmental compared to other games of this genre, this points record handling will inspire the audience with excitement! If you’re an Android enthusiast motorcyclists and cyclists games is undoubtedly the King of Bikes is a good choice for fun!

In the game you in the role of King of Bikes and motor riders you will be anonymous during the process that should be coming into the area that are strange and ancient shapes, different obstacles and barriers to cross and reach the finish line. Specific reason for being in the House any and suspended in the air for dramatic gestures engine and single-wheel variety is not indicated, and apparently, the idea of ​​a new and simple to escape from the trap of stereotypes and paste dirt repetitive and routine of the creators of the game, which in itself is not negative and interesting! Touch controller built into the sides of the screen allow you to move left and right or up and down the front of the engine to prevent it from falling motorcyclist! Dozens of different motor to open by you that you are able to carry out its steps to unlock one after another! Motorcycling you are all done in different environments and locations without a doubt Mht design and construction will be super! You are able to see images of the gameplay and feel it with a click of the high-speed servers SOFDL for your Android phone download.


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King of Bikes v1.3 Apk


King of Bikes v1.3 Mod Apk


Changes in version v1.3:

* First release on Google Play.