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Knight Of Days Exe v1.0.18 – Action-adventure game days Knights Android 
$ 0.99 4.6 points from 5.0 in large supermarkets Google
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Knight Of Days Exe new and fun game in the genre of adventure games-arcade from the studio Vault Of Tears Games for Android is $ 0.99 an hour ago was released in Google Play and still decided to attend for the first time in Iran the compact and adventure introduce you game lovers. In this game you play the role of the main character in his new adventure begins for destroying bosses and different enemies and you must destroy their own high-speed and hours of fun to make! Your adventure through 3 different worlds takes place and where you can step forward by moving to pass one after another, all kinds of different enemies and obstacles are in your path that you have to shoot or jump pass it and one of the most beautiful adventure games android experience! If you’re an Android enthusiast Adventure-platformer that takes you to the atmosphere of the old nose win game 8 pixels and no doubt Knight Of Days Exe is a good option.


Game Knight Of Days Exe up to this moment, approximately 100 sales and been able to earn points 4.6 through 5.0, the features of the game can be upgraded to include multiple, challenging enemy bosses, explore different areas, 8-bit graphics controllers a nice touch to guide the protagonist, playing in a variety of locations and environments with unique design, upgrade weapons and noted its special design! The game has been tested by us and is run offline version that can be purchased with a click of the high-speed servers Farsrvyd download it.

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