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Maze Bandit v1.1 Mod unlocked Apk

Maze Bandit v1.1 + Mod – The popular and ultra-bandit Android Maze Band 
Regular Edition + Mod Mode (Money and Infinite Heart) individually
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Maze Bandit is a new and exciting puzzle game from the Games tone Studio for Android game studio, which is released for free on Google Play and as always, we are going to announce the release of it as a regular user. And for you to rejoice for another time! In this game you are going to build, defend and loot! Build your own dungeon with a variety of deadly dungeons and compete with other bands! Attack enemies and collect money to upgrade your castle and make the best dungeon! To protect the princess from enemies, you need a hero; with over 150 different options, create your own hero and protect her with the help of the Prince! After choosing the hero you should think about creating a safe haven for him, build a dungeon and protect dozens of powerful traps and monsters against enemies, then multiply your power by upgrading the castle and one of the Experience the most different Android puzzle games! If you’re a fan of Android puzzle and mind games that have unique gameplay with similar games, we will offer you a fantastic Maze Bandit game!

The Maze Bandit in spite of its excellent reputation, has been able to score excellent points of 4.7 out of 5.0 , which we have introduced in SOFDL , the latest and the latest versions, along with the way you present your loved ones! The general features of the game include the existence of 90 single-player stages in 6 unique kingdoms; the design of certain structures with the ability to upgrade to increase power; the possibility of making and customizing the hero with dozens of specific items; the possibility Develop your own castle; Use boosters to boost power; HD graphics with superb sound and addictive gameplay! You can first view the images and trailer of the game, and eventually download it from the high-speed servers at a glance if you would like to.


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Maze Bandit v1.1 Apk


Maze Bandit v1.1 Mod Apk


V1.1 version changes:

* Various optimizations and fixes problems with the game.