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Mind Games Pro v2.6.6 Full paid Apk

Mind Games Pro v2.6.6 – Android popular series of mind games
$ 2.99 4.6 points from 5.0 in Google Play
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Research shows that brain games can quickly die out naturally in the brain that occurs as we age, brain power to reduce or even part of the initial turn away The Nervy of Time magazine, director of a center for intellectual games designed specifically says that with some simple interventions, brain bigger, stronger and more alert, he was very surprised; this intervention may include exercises physical and intellectual! The brain of a fixed structure, such as a building or a computer but always changing; the brain has the potential to increase its size and even with age, and its efficiency is better! People who exercise regularly in middle age have bigger brains and healthier than their peers at the time will be aging, meditation and concentration can keep the brain healthy! In the same way to keep your brain power is going to introduce the game Mind Games Pro Game Studios Mindware Consulting for the operating system Android we can install it on your Android device excellent collection of games will bring intellectual and test your brain power to pay!

Play Mind Games Pro for Mac OS X and iOS, Windows Phone and Android is available now for free paid version, which costs $ 2.99, you lovers of intellectual games were introduced, each able to play despite good sales +500.000 excellent rating from 5.0 to 4.6 as your business that shows the popularity of the game among Android users around the world! Games of living languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Italian and Japanese support, where you can choose between dozens of different games with superior build, select pay to increase your brain power and concentration! You can see the first screenshots and trailer of the game and feel free to download the purchased version of the game of high-speed servers SOFDL photos.


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Mind Games Pro v2.6.6 Apk


Changes in version v2.6.6:

* New features + Various optimizations and game fixes.