Mushroom 11 v1.11.47 Full Apk + Data

Mushroom 11 v1.11.47 Full – Android mobile arcade game Super Mushroom 11 data
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Mushroom 11 – Mushrooms 11 new and incredibly beautiful game in style with extraordinary hard arcade and adventure from the studio Untame for Android is Google’s $ 4.99 in large supermarkets and, as usual, have decided for the first time in Iran you can use presence to specific Android Bayhay lovers! The most important reason “Mushrooms 11” to play very innovative and unique makes and makes the game from the first second to be recognized as something different, completely new mechanics introduced; when we say “innovative “in order to effect change is not the usual and expected, this game offers an experience that is unprecedented! Although the appearance and environment reminds one of other two-dimensional adventure game / platformer where you must move from right to left, but the innovation comes not in the environment but also on what you have control over, and in fact, the element that led to the creation of different stages! The hero of “Mushrooms 11” is a piece of sticky gelatinous material; you can erase parts of the organic mass strange, in any direction you want to move him because less than a second later, clean piece of hand Article opposition grow, so, for example, to move it to the left, to his right to clear. Champion, has high flexibility, ie as soon as wiping her limbs, began rolling out! If it does not hit the wall rises, fills the empty spaces to its final size and sometimes have to change, not maintain his balance between two things! If you’re interested in specific games android who, despite making super addictive gameplay offer in no way miss Mushroom 11!

Mushroom 11 games in the Play Store now has certain points because they have no way by downloading it from Farsrvyd of the first users of the world who has not experienced it! In the entertainment industry these days many products on the theme of surfing in a world of post-apocalyptic and empty of the past were built. So, you walk in and feel fresh Malyshdh’ve kind of let it pull out, is hard work. “Mushrooms 11” but manages to separate itself from the rest of the world, as the name implies, the prospect of the game from the ground, destroyed by multiple explosions nuclear. But here not with a world post-apocalyptic, that the post-extinction sides. Since the whole of humanity in war is burned, the news of any living eye works dating from the distant past and the only remaining survivor things like carousels and amusement Zdhy alarm or signs, graffiti and photos human which makes many people think that once lived here! This game should not be left without discovering the world and the first half of “Mushrooms 11” is so flawless and engaging bring you exciting moments. After that, you decide if you can cope with a trial and error game or not! To view additional details and download the free version of money to play with us!

Changes in version v1.11.47:

* Changes for this version is not listed on Google Play.

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Mushroom 11 Full v1.11.47 Apk


Mushroom 11 Full v1.11.47 Data


Installation Instructions and play:

– The installation file will download and install the game.

– Data files download it from decompress. Com.untame.mushroom folder 1 1 in the path of Android / Obb internal memory copy.

– Run the game.

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