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Once Upon a Tower v5 + Mod (open all characters)

Once Upon a Tower v5 + Mod – Action Games Different Android Brave Knights
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (open all characters) individually
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Once Upon a Tower is a new and interesting game with a specially designed action-style game from the Pomelo Games gaming studio for tablets and Android phones, which is released for free on Google Play and we have always decided to take the lead for the first time. Let us introduce the times in Iran with your visit and rejoice! We translate the explanations that the author wrote for his play: “Do you feel trapped in a big tower !? Always waiting for a brave knight to save you !? But in fact, he is caught by the guardian of the castle and unable to come and help you! It’s better not to be afraid, work for yourself and do all that you need for your freedom! The brave knight, with a powerful hammer, is planning to adventure to save his life and control it in your hands! In the game Once Upon a Tower, you will see at the very beginning that the knight is imprisoned and starts at the top of his adventure screen, this is you who should help him to escape from this place! Extreme design, thrilling sound and addictive gameplay Once Upon a Tower brings a different experience to the game.

The Once Upon a Tower game is currently rated 5 out of 5 in the PlayStation, and we’ve provided the first version of SOFDL with the game, which will allow you to first see the images of the gameplay and, if desired, Get one click; both our original and mods are tested on several different phones and run without errors and offline.


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Once Upon a Tower v5 Apk


Once Upon a Tower v5 Mod Apk


V5 version changes:

* Various optimizations and game fixes.

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