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Paranormal Territory – exciting games and fantastic realm of the paranormal Android
$ 0.99 5.0 points from 5.0 in the Google Play Store
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Paranormal Territory – the realm of the paranormal new game and super cute style game Mahrajvyy-horror of AGaming + for Android devices that play the famous and excellent including a series of games Mental Hospital or ZONA Project X in his name that Android is the most popular horror games! Game Paranormal Territory with $ 0.99 in the large supermarket a few minutes ago Google released again as always decided for the first time to attend the games with addictive gameplay and horror introduce you lovers! Since the story of the game starts when you get home from work at night to find his wife and kids do not come back, but, yes, your spouse and children have disappeared! You get a tour of the house and the ghost of a strange encounter that …! Now you have to find it and start a new adventure! If you’re an Android enthusiast horror games despite having HD graphics for its unique design and gameplay do you draw Mmtyna game Paranormal Territory is the best choice!

Paranormal Territory

Paranormal Territory and hands in the game is you! In the rooms of the house to search and follow clues to find your own family! Of spooks, super sound daunting and real space in the true sense your fear will be instilled so that if you are under 18 years of age do not download the game! If your age is over 18 years old to download and install Paranormal Territory into a darkened room and loud in your ears and let me play a fantastic adventure begin! The game is now on Play Store Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 is less than 5 sales and we Farsrvyd paid version to coincide with the release by the manufacturer to download the data that you attract Mmtyna! As always we play on Android devices LG G3 has been tested and 5 for completely offline (without internet) has been implemented.

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Installation instructions and play Paranormal Territory:

– First, download the installation file and install it.

– Data files download the game and try to decompress it. Com.agaming folder . Paranormalterritory in the path of Android / Obb internal memory copy.

– Run the game.