Prison Break: Alcatraz v1.0 Full Apk Download

Prison Break: Alcatraz v1.0 for Android jailbreak
$ 0.99 at Google Play and purchased the full version!
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Prison Break: Alcatraz wonderful adventure called for Android that studio Amphibius Developers any of them with $ 0.99 in Google Play has introduced and For the first time, we present the two versions at once intellectual introduce you game lovers! The story of both games is: “to crimes they have not committed have been arrested and now there is nothing left to kill you for what you did not! You’re an innocent man, after all their efforts to operate to solve the puzzles, riddles, crafted a way to escape from the prison system and guards find scary and prove your innocence! This is your only chance to escape death and innocence is proven after all their efforts to define, you finally will succeed! “If the fans of the game are the intellectual Under no circumstances will miss this game.

Prison Break Alcatraz

Some of the features Arcade games Prison Break: Alcatraz Android:

Jailbreak very exciting and addictive!
Large variety of puzzles to challenge you!
A variety of challenges to find the key, secret and hidden objects!
A variety of mini-games are really challenging!
Different rooms with different themes!
HD graphics with exciting sound!

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Prison Break: Alcatraz v1.0 Apk


Game Prison Break: Alcatraz  on Google Play has been released, free and paid, now we SOFDL put paid version you have purchased the full version of the game!

Changes in version v1.0:

* The full version of the game and has been thoroughly tested and no problems.