Run-A-Whale v1.05 Full paid game Android

Run-A-Whale v1.05 Full – Orcid Fun And Fun Android Journey
Price $ 0.99 – The first supply for you loved ones
Tested with offline run

Run-A-Whale is a new and fun arcade game from the Play Guillaume Loquin studio for Android phones and tablets, which was released on Google Play for $ 0.99 a while ago. As always, we decided to introduce it to you as a fan of the new and special games for the first time in Iran , and to be proud of you again! As you know from the name of the game, you will be busy driving the Wall! The main character of the game, which is a lovely man, is mounted on the governor, and now you have to help him reach his goal by driving the valley! Wall and man are moving to the right on the left side of the screen on the 2.5-inch screen and you have to navigate the Wall Touch controller to avoid obstacles! In addition to avoiding collisions, you can collect coins on the track to customize characters! Lovely graphics, exhilarating soundtrack; addictive gameplay; an incredible construction; and in general, the idea of ​​running Run-A-Whale can cling to your phone for hours and if you’re a fan of Arcade games, you’re in no way Do not miss Run-A-Whale!

The Run-A-Whale game has never been sold for the moment we’re introducing it and will be the first global user to experience it! The Run-A-Whale game is originally a complete and purchased version that we have provided for you free of charge and installed and running offline and without the need for the Internet on all devices!


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Run-A-Whale v1.05 Full Apk


V1.05 version changes:

* Fix the first version of the game.

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