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Rusty Lake: Roots Full – fantastic intellectual adventure game “Origins” Android 
Price of $ 4.39 and a 4.9 rating in the Great Market Google Play
Testing with Run Away

Rusty Lake: Roots super-cute new game with addictive gameplay in the genre of adventure games and thought of the studio Rusty Lake for Android is priced at 4.39 dollars an hour ago Google released in large supermarkets and as always decided for the first time Iran to introduce specific Android games before you lovers! The story revolves around James Vanderbilt and specific plants the seeds of the plants have reached to her through inheritance! You have to cultivate these plants to advance the game’s story and unveil the secrets of Pick! As also mentioned in the title game genre for point and click so that you must collect various items with your mind and use it to advance the process and enjoy the story! Maharajah you have done all kinds of different places and this is your mind which comes first, and to advance the process should know how to use any of the items! For example, the first step should open in a pocket bags find James password and open the bag to remove the bone and small fruit on the bone, small with his feet, give the dog a land eraser and then plant the plant to the next step waltz!


Game Rusty Lake: Roots are now in the Play Store Rated 4.9 out of 5.0, and shoppers all were satisfied with their purchase. Features of the game include such items as easy to start but hard to finish, has a unique story, including more than 33 challenging stages, incredibly beautiful music, excellent touch controllers, unique design with HD graphics and noted Adversity gameplay! Games we tested on Android devices LG G3 Android 5 and offline without having to run the Internet is that you can purchased the full version of the high-speed servers SOFDL phone or tablet to download and hours make your own fun.

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