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Samorost 3 Full – Android mobile unparalleled adventure and puzzle game data
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Samorost 3 play new super cute with special design in the style of puzzle games and mind games from Amanita Design Creator Machinarium and Botanicula for Android is $ 4.99 a few minutes ago Google released in large supermarkets and again, as always, decided to Iran’s first Android define your presence and unique puzzle games lovers! Amanita Design breathes an atmosphere that will not have limitations in that way, this studio is quite bold ideas Machinarium and Samorost now on record in the mobile space has three large! Samorost 3 play-style adventure for the PC was released in 2016 and designed by Manyta days before the iPhone was released and now sees the launch of the Android version we have changed the world adventure! The presence again thanks to an ambitious ideas have been constructive, and began to step into the wonderful world full of mysteries left, exactly nine unique alien world with strange creatures and events await you kill and as usual art is infused throughout the game, dare to adventure style you want and if you do not like the game Samorost 3 with all due respect to you I have to say hereinafter pull away and explore the beauty of the red line!

Game Samorost 3 a few minutes published and more than 5 thousand downloads, and certainly not like other games of this company will be faced with a great welcome and have a good sale! The whole narrative games like Machinarium for video, especially with small clouds above the character’s head is opened, is done; the story of the game is also very simple issue, a trumpet (or a wind instrument similar to a trumpet) in front of his house character the game takes place, he refers to the old book at home and realizes that the taps of the four creatures that look like humans and using this device allows you to summon the spirits of the planets, objects and so on; he therefore decides to build a spaceship and reach to where these people live, to work and then after a little work, ship and several planets and asteroids, and moons around the way! Now you have to help him to advance the game’s story and arcade games for Android is one of the most beautiful experience! The purchased version of the game now with data by SOFDL offer you a comprehensive blend and certainly in the coming days with an exorbitant price to be expounded on the market for sale!

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Samorost 3 v1.4.463 Apk


Installation instructions and game Samorost 3 Android Games:

– Installation file will download and install the game.

– Download and decompress data files and folders Amanita_Design . samorost3.GP in the path of Android / obb place.

– Finally run game.

Changes in version v1.4.463:

* Added new animations on the bridge + optimizations and fixes various stages of the game.

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