SD Maid System Cleaning Tool Tool Optimizer Android

sd maid pro system cleaning tool Apk
sd maid pro system cleaning tool Apk

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool is a powerful application to optimize memory and popular smartphones and tablets with Android is that having it on your phone, you can always clean your memory! The application possibilities at your disposal that you can quickly and easily without the use of unnecessary files from Jafzh delete and remove a major step in the field of optimizing your phone! With this app, you can easily root file system are available after the hide, because in case of damage to these files with a disability will be the phone! However, with the above-able files in the directory memory limit so no one could take action to remove them all!

sd maid pro system cleaning tool Apk
sd maid pro system cleaning tool Apk

The extensive facilities and a full program in the field of optimization provided that it can be Mnyjrqdrtmnd files, powerful search function to search for files, directories and files hidden utility function for searching and comparison list installed applications, devices and filter scan directories containing unnecessary files, optimize and shrink database to speed up access and free space, displays the largest files and so on.

Some of the features and functionality of SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool Android:

* The Explorer is a powerful file manager for professional management of files on memory

Searcher Department to quickly and accurately search among existing files on memory

* CorpseFinder the search for hidden directories and files and compare it in the list of installed programs

AppControl Department for blocking , reset and remove applications (even system apps)

* SystemCleaner to scan your device and filter the directories containing unnecessary files

* Overview for complete information on the type of tablet or smartphone processor, the memory, etc.

* Biggest sector for most large files are listed from high to low volume

* The database (Databases) to display the amount of memory consumed by applications installed

* Having a very simple user interface with dozens of powerful functions for complete optimization of mobile and tablet

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SD Maid pro v3.1.4.0 Apk


Powerful applications SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool with millions of downloads of the top-rated programs Android and 4.4 from 5.0 is that we are in SOFDL┬álatest version of it for you. We can get it with one click .

Note that version before you unlocked version of the program, known as SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool is that all its features are available.

Changes in version v3.1.4.0:

* Fixed bugs and improve performance

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