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Shadow Bug Full – Android action game Shadow bugs without the need for data
Google’s $ 3.99 in large supermarket – bought version
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Shadow Bug – Shadow of the Ninja super-cute new game in the genre of action games Game Studios Muro Studios for tablets and phones , Android is Google’s $ 3.99 and as usual the big supermarkets have decided for the first time Iran to introduce specific Android games before you lovers! Shinobi’s Shadow Bug depicts only one goal, slaughtering monsters and pave the way! The game expects players to minimize reaction time illustrate, in fact, the game challenges players’ reaction speed. Of course, shit Godardian should think and implement a plan to overcome the steps, but when the familiar maze game, you will see that your fingers are dancing on the screen of your Android device and do not think anything do! The main character is incredibly smooth and comfortable control mechanism implemented in the service of high speed game! To get the highest score in each stage, should your speed is too high, they should be able to gather during the all white balls. Full perhaps the early stages is very simple, but you will see that the degree of difficulty is higher and higher over time, so that carefree get the highest score possible in each round you! If you are interested in action games for Android are undoubtedly will attract your Shadow Bug!

Shadow Bug games that are being introduced to this moment we do not have any retail and high-speed servers by downloading it from SOFDL of global users will be the first to experience it. Overall Shadow Bug very unique artistic design, perhaps the environment is dark, grotesque monsters Maybe it was just a series of meaningless black, but however you are fascinated. Although black is the dominant overall game, but in some environment objects and background colors that are used every neighborhood, gives it as visually is very eye-catching! You can see the first images of the game and feel free to download the purchased version of the game with a single click.

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