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She Wants Me Dead Full – exciting game Save the hinges and prevent the death of Max Android 
The regular version + mode version with the features listed individually
Tested on LG G3 Android 5 with a run Offline

She Wants Me Dead and very fun new game in the genre of musical games and action of the studio Hello There AB for Android is just a few minutes ago we saw the release of Android version in the Play Store, and as always it was decided to as soon as possible, for the first time, coinciding with its release before you introduce particular Android game lovers! Max is a problem! He is angry cat named Lola, and Lola wants to kill Max! Max, who is looking for hinges, in the way that Lula faced with obstacles and traps that are placed in the path of Max! You have to help Max to find his angry cat and bring it home! She Wants Me Dead is an awesome two-dimensional game in which you must look at the role of Max to follow Lola! This game is more difficult than the other two-dimensional game is coloring black and relatively dark themes, this game is very exciting! One of the strengths of this game is its music group Cazzette making it assumed, music synchronized with the movements of the game and you multiply the charm of this game is If you’re an Android enthusiast we offer unique game play also try She Wants Me Dead!

She Wants Me Dead

She Wants Me Dead Android Action Games Features:

Including dozens difficult stage
A variety of deadly traps for passing
A variety of achievements to earn a
Clothes and items to buy
Super cute and popular music
Unique Trakhy with excellent machinery

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She Wants Me Dead Full Apk


She Wants Me Dead Full Mod Apk


If you know that you can play the music by movements rhythm, you pass the traps and Max find Lula before dying She Wants Me Dead miss the game! She Wants Me Dead game is available for free in the Play Store that we are now in SOFDL the full version with direct links put at your disposal, you can see the first screenshots and trailer of the game and feel acting as a free download photos.