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Sheep In Dream Full – unique and Android puzzle game
0.99 Great Google Market (Google Play)
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Sheep In Dream new and very beautiful game in the style of puzzle games and thought of the studio Codostudio for Android is $ 0.99 an hour ago was released in Google Play store and up to this moment there is no wholesale and as always we decided to present for the first time in Iran, we introduced you Android lovers of intellectual games! In this game you guidance and control sheep (the main character) and should take the responsibility to solve different PAL save him from this dream! The game includes several unique season that it can be things like Cubik World, Flat World and Square World noted that in the world of gaming, including a special work to do for example in the Square you have to climb the stairs can jump and climb to the highest point of the mountain! If you’re interested in Android puzzle games and patiently pushing hard and easy steps, you will no doubt play intellectual games new and unique Sheep In Dream with good gameplay hours you will be riveted on the phone!


In the initial run of the game Sheep In Dream The first thing that draws your attention to its simple and clean design with no buttons and items of the game so that you do not see and you run the game, begins! You have to move forward and solve puzzles different stages of their minds drag and season pass one after another! Now we SOFDL purchased version of the game for free at your disposal so that you can do it with one click from site to download the high-speed servers, not to mention the screenshots and trailer of gameplay are also searching for!

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