Smart Tool Box v2.9 Ad Free Patched Apk

Smart Tool Box Apk
Smart Tool Box Apk

Smart Tool Box v2.9 Ad-Free – Perfect for Android smart toolbox with 30 tool!
A version without ads

Smart Tool Box is a great and practical application of PC Mehanik studio for devices with Android is that by installing it on your Android phone or tablet, you can use 30 instruments at once and have an application form. This toolbox most essential tools needed such as flashlights, speedometer, magnifying glass, mirrors, etc. protractor and puts at your disposal. Producer of the program from its application as a utility, just like the Swiss Army knife has learned! Smart Tool Box app for free on Google introduced a free version contains ads are annoying and now we’ve put it to you that the version without ads is no doubt that the program will be useful to you.

Smart Tool Box Apk
Smart Tool Box Apk

20 List of Utilities Smart Tool Box Android:

1 – Ruler: Measure the dimensions and angles

2 – level gauge measuring the level

3 – speed smart meter display speed information.

4 – Smart Flashlight: light show for your work

5 – intelligent sound level meter monitoring sound pressure level

6 – Position gauge: Show your location with precise information

7 – Smart Metering: measure the distance and height of different objects

8 – speed gun: the speed of moving objects using intelligent algorithms

9 – Compass: Discover the correct path

10 – Magnification: Large objects paced mini with flash light

11 – Mirror: See your face in front of a mirror with camera

12 – protractor: measuring the slope of each object using the camera

13 – Stopwatch: Countdown timer accurate tool

14 – Detector: detects the magnetic field of near you

15 – Smart Converter: Convert between different currencies and physical units

16 – cardiograph measuring heart rate with a camera

17 – random generator: generate random numbers ranging from custom

18 – thermometer: displays the current temperature, humidity and air pressure

19 – battery tester test battery performance

20 – NFC reader: easy reading NFC tags

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Smart Tool Box v2.9 Ad-Free Apk


App Smart Tool Box is currently rated 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Android Market that we SOFDL the latest version without advertising it for the first time have identified the presence of your guest. You can go to read it with a click and get 100% free.

Changes in version v2.9:

* Added new tools + Various optimizations and bug fixes App

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