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Stellio Music Player v4.81 + Stellio Unlocker v4.0 Apk

Stellio Music Player + Stellio Unlocker v4.0 – fantastic music player Android!
install Music Player + $ 1.69 Unlocked file for free for you!
Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 on Google Play

Stellio Music Player is one of the best, most complete and most popular music player (music player) for Android that Google has introduced its Astlyv team and to date more than 500 million times by users worldwide Google Android has been received. With this music player can keep track of the device in an environment truly beautiful and stylish play and made a music different from having fun! The remarkable thing is that the theme of the music player with track cover according to the color change, and for those who prefer great stuff! Astlyv player supports all popular formats and make them available to all those who are tired of the music player, the default device offer! You may say to yourself, why Farsrvyd the post as the introduction of the word “unique” is used, it is here to answer our call, the music player teach all functions of user requirements, such as the tag editor, sleep timer, stylish widget. Along with it, and no doubt will attract your attention.

Stellio Music Player

Some of the features of Stellio Music Player for Android:

Play music by folder, artists , album, etc.
Change the music player automatically on the basis of cover songs
Lock screen super stylish
5 stylish and versatile widget to put on the main page
Sleep timer to stop auto-play music
Skip to the next song with a shake or keep the volume button +
Function editor tags for easy editing music information
User interface is beautiful, no ads, and dozens of other functionality

Free Download Link

Stellio Music Player Apk


Stellio Unlocker Apk


Rating 4.7 from 5.0 the accident rate is not achieved and the result is that thousands of users have installed the music player on your device! You can find the latest versions of applications Stellio Music Player with Nlakr for free for your Android device from SOFDL get.

Note that the download Nlakr this program is essentially complete software and music player Beyonce’s not worth it! The price is $ 1.69 at Google Play Nlakr we’ve put it to you for free! 7 MB installation file to install the program and then install Nlakr full and complete version Stellio Music Player to enjoy for free!:)


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