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The Doomsday Full v1.8 – Android reawakening horror action game!
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The Doomsday – Armageddon game new and exciting in the genre of action games from Game Studios Meka Games for smart devices Android that hours ago $ 0.99 at the supermarket giant Google released again as always decided that for lovers of action games and scary the first time you refer to once again bring you to ecstasy! Large chemical explosion occurred and in addition to destruction everywhere, all the people have become zombies are scary! There is now the world needs you to save humanity! If you like to save the world from destruction now play The Doomsday on your Android device install, then run, stabbing and warm in your hand and be prepared to overthrow the zombies! The game includes dozens of different stages and challenging and where you also find the route to get to and climb to the next step must zombies that are on your way to kill! Character control of the game in your hands and touch buttons on the screen to be able to run, use weapons and on target zoom! If you are interested in horror action games and you do not miss The Doomsday!

The Doomsday game in the Play Store now about 100 times and has sold 4.7 rating from 5.0 to win! General features of the game can be such as graphics, quick gameplay consists of ten different stages, 29 weapons to obtain 12 different creatures to destroy, Chairman of the battle, supports both English and Turkish noted! Overall the game The Doomsday compared to less than 100 MB of its excellent design, and worth buying free download from SOFDL , and you are able images of the environment see it and feel it for free and high-speed servers with direct links to download sites do.


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The Doomsday Full v1.8 Apk


Changes in version v1.8:

* Added support for devices with 1 GB of RAM.
* Various improvements to remedy any problems optimization and played the first version.