The Monkey Pit Island v1.0.2 Full paid Apk + Data Android

The Monkey Pit Island – Survive the treasure curse v1.0.2 Full – The Arctic Island Android game with data
$ 1.99 and 5 out of 5 in Google Play – Full version of the game for the first time
Tested with full implementation

The Monkey Pit Island – Survive the treasure curse is a new and exciting arcade gameplay and point-and-click clicks from the WePassion Studio for Android , which was released on Google Play for $ 1.99 a couple of hours ago, and again, as always, we decided to release it at the same time. For the first time, we present your loved ones and bring you joy! Enter the Unknown Island of Monkeys, a lost island with thousands of riddles and challenges! The game’s story is about an island called Oak in the North Atlantic, which everyone knows to hide a treasure trove and everyone wants to find this treasure! A young boy traveled to this island, and after a lot of excavations he was drowning on the ground, and now it’s next to come! They say that in this way, seven people must be killed so that the eighth person can reach the treasure! Now you start your adventure journey to this mysterious island to get to the treasure and there will be hundreds of special puzzles to solve and solve thousands of hidden objects! Are you ready to face challenging puzzles and puzzles? If you’re an enthusiast and a fan of puzzle games , mind and mind, you will never miss The Monkey Pit Island!

Play The Monkey Pit Island – Survive the treasure curse now in the full 5 out of 5 in the PlayStation. We have released the first full version of the Monkey Pit Island , along with the data for download, that you can first view the screenshots of the gameplay. And finally, if you would like to download it with one click from the high-speed servers of the site and be entertained for hours!


V1.0.2 version changes:

* There are no changes to this version in Google Play.

Free Download Link

The Monkey Pit Island v1.0.2 Apk


The Monkey Pit Island v1.0.2 Data


Instructions for installing and executing the game:

– First install and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.wepassion.monkey _ pit_island folder onto the Android / obb path of the machine’s internal storage.

– Finally, run the game.