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Through the Ages v1.5.4 Full paid Apk For Android

Through the Ages v1.5.4 Full paid Apk For Android An interesting board game throughout Android forests
The price of $ 9.99 and a score of 5 out of 5 in Google Play are our loved ones
Ability to play both online and offline

Through the Ages – Throughout the ages, the game is a new and entertaining game in the board game – a strategic game from the CGE digital game studio for Android , which was released on Google Play for $ 9.99 a while ago, and interestingly, during this time, less than 48 The clock has been downloaded roughly 200 times by Android users around the world, and more interestingly, all buyers have been given the full bonus, and as always, we’ve decided to introduce it to the fans of strategic games for the first time! In general, Through the Ages is a game of civilization; every player tries to create the best civilization, discover new technologies, choose the right leaders, build monuments and equip a large army through accurate resource management! Your disadvantage in any area of ​​your personal page is visible to the competitor! The game “Through the Ages, Over the Years,” is a game from the ancient times to the modern age! Drawing a variety of cards is one of the most basic mechanisms of play over the years. Technology, monuments and community leaders are in the form of cards and can be obtained by players. To use a technology, you need to have enough knowledge to discover it, have enough food to generate the population to set it up and have enough resources to build the buildings you need. When you provide resources for the advancement of technology, you need to build an army The army, like other buildings of this civilization, is to be built, players with a weaker army should become the other players of the game! In the game Through the Ages there is no map; so you do not miss any realm! But the player with a stronger army can spoil the resources, knowledge of other players, kill their leaders and destroy their population and culture! Although it is very difficult to win a big army, defeat with a weak army is definitive! Ultimately, the winner is someone whose people have the highest level of culture at the end of the modern era! If you’re a fanboard of strategic and board games , it’s undoubtedly getting through the Ages.

The game Through the Ages is currently in the PlayStore with a full 5.0 5.0 rating . We have released the first version on SOFDL and the full version of the game for download, which you can first view the images of the gameplay and eventually if you wish Download it with one click from the high-speed servers of the site and watch it for hours!


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Through the Ages v1.5.4 Full Apk


V1.5.4 version changes:

* Various optimizations and fixes for small game problems