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To the Moon Full v1.9 Paid Full working Apk + Data

To the Moon Full v1.9 – different role-playing game for the Android mobile-month data
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To the Moon – the Moon popular and incredibly beautiful designs in the style of games, role-playing and adventure for devices running Android that hours ago $ 4.99 at the supermarket giant Google released and as always decided for the first time Iran’s presence in intellectual games and adventure enthusiasts introduce you to once again bring you to ecstasy! Every year on the market, mobile gaming, seeing thousands of new and colorful look, but really in the industry and trade companies every day more than yesterday to think about their own pockets when, how many titles only aspect People have a good sense of art and think? Stand-alone game “To the Moon” is one of the fingers Shmaryst that seeks to create an experience worthy and noble in your mind! A story-driven RPG that fans of games such as 16-bit Super Nintendo aimed to revive their memories of the good old days! Game of the year 2011 the fledgling company Freebird is a Canadian licensee and its author (Chynyalasl) is called Gao Kao! To the Moon the story is that two engineers from Sigmund companies that specialize in the field of fantasy books, home dying person named “Johnny” go to him in visions dreams to induce artificial. Technology that because the result will be mixed with actual memories and the boundaries of fantasy and reality will affect only permitted for people dying! Thus, while “Dr. Rosalyn” the doctor “Watts” to work to “criminals” on a journey of mind to wish them, he does not even know that dream of when and where he originated, after all two expert to come memoirs and critical life stages of your life step by step to his childhood to the life of the most important points in his past life and his wife hear! It is an engaging adventure game begins! If you are interested in role-playing and adventure games for Android you suggest we do not miss the game To the Moon!

To the Moon Game Play Store is now less than 5 sold by download, install and run it from Android users are the first to experience it on Android devices! One of the strengths of this game, the magical music Bazyst, especially the main theme music is played by the piano! Music is so beautiful that quickly became popular and even developer site (Freebird) to prepare a box with three Turkish music is played original music! If you are making repetitive and creative games such as Call of Duty and Assassins Creed series and other brand names and AAA gaming tired, we recommend you to experience the game. With this game you can sit for hours in his place and somehow a nice story to read and listen to the music that’s fascinating! , You can store the pictures and the trailer of gameplay Mshahdhmnmvdh and feel of the first version of it along with data from servers and high-speed SOFDL download version coming originally purchased version and the full game for free at your disposal usual located!


Changes in version v1.9:

* Added Italian and Russian translations Korean + + update fixes problems with the game and the different optimizations.

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To the Moon Full v1.9 Apk


To the Moon Full v1.9 Data


Installation instructions and execution of the game:

– First, download and install the apk file.

– Download the data files and decompress them. Folder Com.xd . tothemoon in the path of Android / obb your device’s internal memory.

– Finally, run the game.