Ultimate Dog Simulator v1.1 + Mod (Unlimited Points)

Ultimate Dog Simulator v1.1 + Mod – The real dog simulation game Android
Normal Edition + Mod Points
Tested with full implementation

The Ultimate Dog Simulator is a new, interesting and popular game simulation game this time as the dog simulator of Gluten Free Games for Android , which has been released on Google Play for $ 0.99 , and as always, we’ve decided for the first time. Introducing our presence and rejoicing for your future! In the Ultimate Dog Simulator, there are ten different breeds of dog that can be used for such things as German, Labrador, Beagle and Dalmatian! You will be able to choose from among these races the one you want and take control of it! In a great world, go to the place where you like and collect food to feed your dog’s belly and pay attention to the parameters of health, hunger, thirst and energy! Various types of creatures, such as wolves, attack you in the streets and you must protect yourself! There is also the possibility of reproduction to increase the family members of the dog, which will increase the family members and multiply the power! If you are an enthusiast of dog simulation games, then Ultimate Dog Simulator will undoubtedly make your way!

Some features of the Ultimate Dog Simulator Android simulation game:

Pick your lovely dog ​​from among 10 different breeds
Try your skills against wolves and other animals
Possibility to create a group of dogs and control whatever you want!
Possibility of reproduction to increase members and increase strength!
Ability to choose the name, appearance and other members of your group!
Hunting different animals like squirrels, rabbits , fishes …
Explore the great world of frozen mountains to wild jungle!
Extremely beautiful design with highly addictive gameplay

V1.1 version changes:

* Different optimizations and various game problems.

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Ultimate Dog Simulator v1.1 Mod Apk


The Ultimate Dog Simulator has more than 500 times been purchased by Android users around the world and has gained an excellent 4.7 out of 5.0 rating . We have released it for free with the mods for download, and can first download images and trailers from the game. Watch the video and eventually if you would like to download the purchased version and download it fully in one click from the high-speed web site, right … Like other games on the site, Ultimate Dog Simulator has been tested by SOFDL , No internet has been run.