Zombie Combat Simulator v1.0.5 + Mod Apk For Android

Zombie Combat Simulator v1.0.5 + Mod Apk For Android
Normal + Mod (Equipment and Live Unlimited)

Zombie Combat Simulator – a fun action in which you will not only shoot hundreds of zombies, but also grab positions on the map. To help you will be given a detachment of bots, or real players. If you are too bored to play with AI, collect a team of players and act as a whole, set a record for capturing the territory. Zombies, by the way, can be of different types, some invisible, others shoot poison balls, so be careful.

Some Features of Zombie Combat Simulator:

1. Free to create: In sandbox mode, you can create the units in any location and decide on their weapons, damage resistance, health, movement speed, some AI behaviors, etc.

2. Rule changes: You can modify the rules of the game, such as unit spawn system that can automatically spawn soldiers and zombies. As well as the game of time, conditions of victory and defeat, zombie infection, etc. In short, You can make the gameplay a big change by simply modify the rules. Of course, if you do not want to do it by self I also give you some preset ways to play;

3. Third Person Shooter: You can create a soldier and control it to move, aim and shoot;

4. Multiplayer: You can play with others online, or play with your friends through WIFI router.

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Zombie Combat Simulator v1.0.5 Mod Apk


Zombie Combat Simulator v1.0.5 Data


V1.0.5 version changes:

* Added new infection mode in multiplayer
* Added other new features + various optimizations.

Instructions for installing and running the game:

– Download and install the installation file first.

Download the game data file and unzip it. Com folder Copy illusiveray.zcs into Android / Obb internal memory.

– Run the game.