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Zombie Hospital + Mod – new game Scary Zombie Hospital Android  
The regular version + Version mode (money, blood magazine and infinite)
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Zombie Hospital – Hospital zombies and exciting new game in the genre of action games and shooting (first person – FPS) of studio Goame for Android is $ 0.99 an hour ago Google released a large supermarket and we also decided we like always present as soon as possible and release it at the same time you introduce a horror action game lovers! The story of this game is there anyone in the hospital with a virus and has been turned into zombies! Now you must try the one hand and on the other for their lives trying to prevent the spread of this deadly virus from destroying zombies get out of the hospital! A variety of hot and cold weapons ranging from adjustable wrench, an ax, a pistol and placed at your disposal to kill zombies ahead; your mission is not limited only to eliminate zombies and this is part of mission is your main missions in the game find the key to get out of the hall to another room so as to reach the key to decode puzzles! If you are interested in action games , zombies and scary android who, despite having great graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you busy for a few hours will undoubtedly Zombie Hospital; it is better to play it with headphones for a better experience (handsfree) do!

Zombie Hospital

Some of the features Android Games Zombie Hospital:

Enjoy realistic sound effects and music
A wide variety of zombies to destroy
Several weapons used to purchase hot and cold
Decoding out of the hall to another room
Ability to move to the zombies and kill them
HD and three-dimensional graphics with unique design

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Zombie Hospital Apk


Zombie Hospital Mod Apk


Download the game Zombie Hospital with more than 5 million managed from 5.0 to 4.3 points on the right and we are in SOFDL the latest version of the game plus mode version for free at your disposal to put both versions installation file the regular version must be purchased in its efforts to collect money and buy weapons and items, but in addition to infinity mode version of money, magazine and your life is endless!